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Solar energy is so powerful that I don’t understand why we do not use it more


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Interesting fact about solar

I found some really interesting facts about solar energy in general.
There is a statement on that for every hour the sun shines on the earth there is enough energy in that to take care of all the energy we need for an entire year.

There must be greater powers on this earth that prevents the solar industry form growing.
Have you seen how the government does not even try to push solar energy?
I guess the oil industry lobbies so much in Washington that they can stop a lot of the renewable energy developments.

There are some programs, but the rules are not easy and you have to go through a lot of red tape to even get some information.

Before I continue and you might get bored with all the information, if you are looking for solar information state by state you can click on this link to find your state.

Make money with solar energy

If you have solar energy you most of the time, produce too much in the day time for your own needs.
Your local energy company has to buy your unused electricity from you and add it to their grid.
It is obvious that most of them do not like to do that.
First of all you are not their best customer and they like to make a profit of you and if you do not use any electricity they still need to maintain their grid and lines. So I can understand their point of view.
I think it is time that we start thinking different about how we do things like this.

solar panels on a house roof

Find information about solar energy in your area

There are a lot of websites that give information about green energy like, wind and solar.
One of the best ones I found is the Solar Power Information Center that provides a lot of information about the use of solar energy in general.

They have information available for many states already and are working on covering the entire United States state by state.

What I like is that they have search pages where you can find your state and or even your city or town.
I am not sure, but I think they are working on a feature to search by zip code so you can find your town even faster.

Solar energy is getting more affordable and there are DIY installation packages available and the internet is filled with people who show you how they live off the grid. Meaning all self-sufficient and not relying on an energy supplier.

Of course there are other green energy resources available like wind energy and I have seen a power plant that made use of the tides in the ocean to generate electricity.

Why we do not make more use of these sources is probably, like I mentioned before, that you cannot make a profit of free energy. But an energy company can utilize these free energy resources and generate energy that we can buy from them.
This would make us less dependent on oil and gas. The sun is an unlimited source of energy.

Video that explains how solar energy works

A reader of this article contacted me and told me that although he lives in Europe and he does not know if it would work here he liked to share his story.
His house has solar panels installed that were subsidized by the government. He also bought a hybrid car that used an electric motor in it.
He charged that car’s battery with his free solar energy.
He made a kind of double profit by not having to buy as much gas for his car as normal and his whole solar system was cheaper thanks to the government money.