How I Found An Exterminator Near Me

Pest control sevicesThe need for an exterminator service when you need them is sometimes not easy. It seems that it is always after business hours that you find something that you like to get help with.

Exterminator research

I did some research and found that one of the most done searches online concerns the use of a pest controls service. To find help about 5000 times a month people type in exterminator near me in Google or any other search engine they use for their online searches.

That is a lot of people. Other search phrases they use every month are:

  • Pest control services – 5000 times
  • Termite treatment – 50.000 times
  • Rodent control – 500 times
  • Bed bug treatment – 50.000 times

I can make this list a lot longer since there are so many people are searching for bug control and they all use their own words.

This explains that there are many pest exterminators that are having a booming business.

To start an exterminator service

It seems so easy to start one of these companies but it is not the case as you can imagine.
There is a high standard for being certified as a company for home pest control. Lately there are more people show search for organic pest control and if you search for this on the internet you can find hundreds of home remedies for wasp. Mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches and every other creeping, crawling and flying bug in the world.

It looks that these pests are becoming more and more resistant to all kind of chemicals used for extermination.
Year ago I was the owner of a full service restaurant and had my business under contract by the local exterminator that cam every month and sprayed after hours for a variety of bugs.
At my house I had a few mice running around and I asked him what to do and he gave some green looking mouse control blocks.

I placed these in my kitchen area and could once in a while hear a mouse nibble on it and after a week the two blocks were gone completely.
The mice were also gone and never came back. Reason is that this poison dries up the mouse and that is how they get exterminated.

If you try to find for your problem try to find a commercial pest control company and do not try to make it better with home remedies. You can find the best local exterminators by clicking on the link I just provided.

Do not hesitate to call as fast and as soon as you can. Pest problems can get out of hand pretty fast.
It is easier to take care of a small bug infestation than wait and spend more money and time to clean up and damage caused by them.