Healthy Cooking On The Grill

healthy cooking on the grillCooking on the grill is one of the best health decisions you can make in your life.
We have read some negative stories about charcoal and propane grills and that the grill marks should not be to healthy but after reading all these doom thinking articles we came to a conclusion.

Although there is a very slight change that the grill marks might have some negative effects the overall health benefits of grilling instead of frying outweigh those small cons.
If you however are concerned you can still grill you meat at a little lower temperature or take it off the grill a little earlier to avoid grill marks.

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Health benefits of grilled meat

It does basically not matter if you use any outdoor or indoor grills.
Both are designed to cook your meat without adding fat and most of them use the grill to even make sure all the fat is moved away from the grill to avoid your meat being to fat. Outside is just easier since you do not have any smoke problem.

Propane or charcoal grill?

This is the never ending story between the two groups that either hate or love any of these fuels.
Charcoal is a little more time consuming to start bur delivers a more radiant heat that does not dry out your meat as much as propane.
Propane is easier to use and the temperature is easier to regulate. It however dries out the meat a little more than charcoal.

If you don’t mind to get your hands a little dirty and wait a little longer I believe that charcoal is the better choice.
If you only use the grill to cook some meat at night after working all day I suggest a quality propane grill is what you should look for.

Indoor electric grills

There is a variety of indoor grills available in different price ranges to find one that fits your needs and your budget.
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An indoor grill is a great alternative for if you can not used any outdoor propane or charcoal grill like in many apartment buildings. They will not give the exact same taste but do offer the same health benefits of cooking lean.

Here is a video on how to grill meat and veggies and it might give you some ideas.

I personally like to grill all year around and try to do it as much as I can outdoors. I think it taste better and it keeps the grill smell (that does not bother me) out of the kitchen and the house. You can read a lot of information about the best grill reviews on my website
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