Gardening Tips For Seniors

Recently I visit a few of my older family members. During that visit, I noticed that things had changed a little since the last time I had seen them.

They were not so fast anymore and some of them had. although minor, little health problems. When I talked to my favorite uncle (Don’t tell the other ones) he admitted that he had some problems getting around lately.

He was always a big gardener and I can not remember ever tasting better tomatoes, squash, and zucchini than from his garden.

I asked him how that getting a little stiffer in the bones as he called it, affected his favorite time passing or gardening.

He told me that he at first did not try to find a solution and just rubbed some lotion on his sore back and night that kept it warm. But after a while that the realized that this was not going to do the trick for much longer.

Although a little older he has always kept updated with new things and is pretty savvy with using a computer and the internet. He told me that he started looking around online for a solution.

He stumbled upon a website called senior citizen website and found their article where they wrote about a garden stool on wheels he mentioned. He knew that I had this blog and asked me to make sure that I would write about to make sure other people might find it helpful.

He bought one of them and used it all the time now. He showed it to me and I even tried it myself. He can now do all his weeding while sitting down and with the wheels under the thing he can slowly move around his whole flower beds and most of his vegetable garden.

I have to apologize that I don’t have a picture, but I left my phone in my car at that time. Here is a picture I found of a similar model.

I kept my promise to my uncle by writing this post and I will send him a link to see if the likes it or has something to add in the comments about it.