Defend Yourself Without Fighting

The best self defense is to avoid a fight and that is a very old statement that I read a long time ago.
I believe this is still the truth about self defense.

There are however situations that you have to stand up and defend yourself.

We all try to avoid the situations where we know that there is a change that something might go wrong.
This can be a variety of things like: A dark ATM, Parking in a dark corner of a parking lot and we all can come up with many other examples.

self defense has no rules

We have all heard in the news about how there is more aggression lately and people get angry over simple things.
I am a very easy going person and most of the time I can get along with people.

But I have been reading a lot in the news about car jacking and even house invasions are things that happen every day.
Even in the little town I live that is most of the time very peaceful there is more crime in the last couple of years.

This all made me think about my safety and the safety of my wife while we are out.
In the house we have our gun and this is always ready to use and close by.

Outside however we did not have much to defend ourselves and this made me think about how we could do that. There are many options and after some research we opted for a flashlight taser combo that we bought in an online store. We opted for this for several reasons.

We do not like to kill someone and these high voltage stun guns are a non lethal self defense products. We also did not wanted to carry a gun with us out on the street.

The store we bought these stun is C&E Security and you can find them online.
They have a large variety of stun guns available at very affordable prices and we opted for the combination with a flashlight because you can also blind any attacker with this.

Share your thoughts about you preferred non lethal self defense weapon and why you choose for it.