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BBQ and smoker tipsThe mere mention of Southern Comfort, Texas Style, Chili Adobo, Memphis Style and Pacific Rim are enough to make anyone crave for real Southern BBQ flavor, just some of the reasons, there is a high demand for cooking BBQ Smoker. The offset barrel smoker, upright drum smoker (UDS), vertical water smoker, smoke box and other designs of residential and commercial grade barbeque smokers yield various resulting tastes, as does the use of electric, gas, coal or good old fire wood.

Smoking means slow-cooking meat with indirect heat. Burning wood or coal in an oxygen-short closed box generates smoke rather than fire. It is exhausted to a bigger closed box containing meat, where it forms into a smoke cloud and then quickly vents to the outside. The outcome is tender, juicy BBQ Smoker with a rich smokey flavor.

Some barbeque enthusiasts opine that electric, gas and coal smokers provide heat but not the flavor that only comes from wood. Smoke from hardwood like the oak, alder, mesquite, maple, pecan, black walnut, hickory and fruit tree woods like apple, plum, cherry seeps into meat and gives it a woodsy smoked quality. People are known to build a traditional fire pits themselves to give meet this authentic barbecue taste.

Coal is an inexpensive option to Charbroil meat while only electric and gas power offers a consistent temperature. Brands from Big Green Egg to Camp Chef, Lang, Masterbuilt, Traeger Pellet and Char-Grill features pro digital controls, heat-proof stainless steel bases and covers, a variety of accessories to ease and improve the process of cooking with BBQ smoker.

Wallace Deepsky reviews many things about the BBQ Smoker Barbecue.

More About Smokers

The origins of smoker grills can be traced back to several thousand years ago, where food was cooked in clay heaters. The clay material would hold the heat and allow for a slow, even cooking of the food contained within. Smoking was also a common way of conserving meat and fish.

Get to know the smoker for you

Modern day smoker grills and BBQ’s you can choose from come in various shapes and sizes, that create a smoky housing, the temperature of which can be controlled, usually by way of vents. A smoker may be a small electric appliance or a huge tow-truck “pit” big enough to feed hundreds.

In order to create mouth watering barbecue food, smokers generally use wood, charcoal or pellets, but smoker grills running on electricity or gas are also common. The best fuel to use is hardwood such as hickory or oak. The main point is that the unit is able to contain a constant temperature of around 200 – 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, a smoker should create both heat and smoke. You’ll want a thermometer to control the heat and check the heat of the meat.

Smoking meat, rather than traditional grilling, adds flavour and keeps the meat tender. It can even make chewy, fatty cuts of meat like brisket into tender, juicy fat-free delicacies. Just think of smoked ribs! To get perfect results using a slow smoldering fire means that the cooking time is longer than the normal charcoal or gas grill. Smoking times range anywhere from 1 to 15 hours! That’s a long time, but anybody who has ever eaten smoke barbecued food will tell you that time is not an issue.

While almost everybody is familiar with charcoal grills, smoker grills may be a cause of some confusion …

What to buy and how much to pay?

Well a smoker grill can cost well over a couple of thousand dollars, or it can be a modified trashcan or even a hole dug in the ground

Still confused about smokers?

Horizontal water smokers seem to be a good choice for less expert users and they generally start at about $40 – $50 and go up to, and over, $200. Don’t be confused by the low price, some wonderful food can be prepared in these smoker grills.

Horizontal offset smokers start at around $100 and go up to several hundreds. Then there is the ‘pit’. A pit is similar to a trash can or barrel placed side ways with a second box or barrel underneath for building the fire. You’ll only want one of these if you have a very large family, entertain a lot or just want to have a great time out on the deck cooking barbecue. This kind of smoker will start at around $400 – $500 and go up to the thousands.


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